Ooooo, this might be dangerous…

A whole page whose sole purpose in existence is to provide me a platform to ramble on about whatever happens to be on my mind.

Fair warning, my brain never shuts off and I usually have several wheels spinning at any given time.  So, I’m going to bring in a little help to keep all of this straight.

If you have questions about how The Traveler’s Journal universe works, what’s the deal with any of the people who inhabit the related worlds, or about any points of interest in Danny or Alice’s story, you should ask Arachne.  Maybe she’ll answer… maybe she wont. Knowledge is power, after all, and she keeps insisting she won’t risk her preferred future’s trajectory by divulging need-to-know information to just anyone.

If you want to know anything else, keep an eye on my Author’s blog.  Updates on my current projects, dream projects I hope to work on, fun bonus material like maps, blooper reels, deleted scenes, behind the scenes stuff, and the like will be posted there.



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