Map of the Romanov’s Circus

Romanov's Circus Map

Blog | Author's Blog | Published 24 April 2021

I’m a visual person by nature.

Maybe it’s because my hearing has been crummy since birth, but I just don’t absorb auditory input very well.  This has had a ripple effect on my ability to process information, period.  What this means is I often have to work out elements of my writing with hand-written notes in a sketch pad where I also rough out structures and scenes so I can better describe them in words.  I also scour Google Images trying to find photos and graphics that fit with what I’m trying to embody with my writing.  I often feel as though I am a blind person in my own imaginary landscape and I have to rely on other people’s vision to help me see what it is I’m trying to show my readers.

Sounds weird, but that’s what it feels like to me.

I guess it’s a good thing I have a little artistic talent of my own, because there have been a number of times where I’ve had to create my own pieces in order to flesh out certain settings and scenes.  One such example is the Romanov’s circus, the Greatest Show On Any Earth!  I’m actually rather pleased with the results, so I decided to share my map of the circus with you.  If you read Danny’s description of the circus and came away a little confused… well sorry, first off!  But hopefully this picture will help.

I plan to add more bonus content regarding the circus as time allows, so stay tuned for more additions in the future.

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