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Blog | Ask Arachne | Published 24 April 2021

Greetings, intrepid reader.

My name is Arachne.

Not that Arachne, but I suppose you could say I am proof the gods have a perverse sense of humor and a tendency to repeat themselves.  Please, do not be alarmed by my appearance; I am here to assist you with whatever questions you may have about the people, places, and events in the related worlds. Within reason.

Through my sensitivity to every quiver along the strands of possible futures, I’ve seen much of what is likely to come to pass, as well as the barest glimpse of how we might avert the very worst.  I promise to answer any question honestly, but reader be warned.

If gaining the knowledge you seek will dash our vanishing hope to thwart a devastating fate, I will feed you to my daughters and they will spin beautiful webs from your essence.

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